Representing CSAW to Belize

We sent a letter to Belize asking to meet with law enforcement and criminal
justice officials to establish links with Crime Stoppers:

March 8, 2001

Honorable Godfrey Smith
e-mail memo:
Attorney General

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing on behalf of the Crime Stoppers Association of Washington
(C-SAW) and it’s member programs throughout the State and Crime Stoppers
International (CSI).

We will be traveling to your beautiful Country, arriving on Sunday February
11, 2000 at or about 3:44 P.M. for a holiday. We will be in Belize in a variety
of cities until we depart on Monday the 19th. As it has been a custom of mine
over the years, I usually meet with the police Department to expose them to the
Crime Stoppers program and how it operates around the world. As a result of
similar efforts by other members of Crime Stoppers this concept has

According to the former President of the International Association of Chiefs
of Police, Steve Harris, the directory listed a contact in law enforcement from
previous years as Ornell Brooks of Belmopan.

I would like very much to meet with your office or the Criminal Justice
office and /or Mr. Brooks and leave a copy of the materials I am bringing with
me that describe what Crime Stoppers is and how it operates.

I want to establish proper protocol so please advise me how I may proceed. I
will bring with me letters of introduction from the President of CSI and the
Sheriff of King County (Seattle, Washington, USA), police authorities. I am a
retired police officer from New Orleans and now work in the private sector. I
donate my time to crime Stoppers on an international, national and municipal
level. My last trip abroad to foster the growth of CSI was to FIJI.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Ron Conlin, C-SAW President

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