Letter to Canada

We sent a letter to Canada referring to our long time friend Bill Sedler who

November 30, 2000

Mike Guzzi
Executive Director
BC Crime Stoppers Quarterly
C/o The
applied Communication Program
Camosun College, Victoria BC, 2000

Dear Mike,

On behalf of the Crime Stoppers Association of Washington, I would like to
express our appreciation for sending us a copy of the Quarterly, which was
dedicated to our friend, Bill Sedler. I will share it with the other

Although I know we gave Bill a plaque on behalf of CSI & C-SAW I wanted
to expound on just what Bill meant to us in more detail. This man exemplified
honesty, trustworthiness, friendship and honor. He was the very essence of what
Crime Stoppers amplifies to be. He allowed us to feel a part of the pride of the
RCMP and of Canada. I think we were very fortunate to have had this

I hope that all of us on both sides of the border remember the principles
that Bill taught us by his own actions. I pray that his character will be a
symbol to those that serve now and to those that follow us in the Crime Stoppers
family. We will always maintain a place in our hearts and our homes for Bill
& Maureen. We hope they stay in touch with their extended family to the

Ron Conlin, C.F.E., C.P.P.
President, C-SAW

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