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Link Button to this Site

To include a link to this Crime Stoppers website, select the URL below, right click, and copy. Then use the URL below in a page on your website and include the button within the link.


Please email or call 1-206-497-1846 prior to doing this.

To download a button:

crimestopper 135


  1. right click on the button
  2. and select    Save Picture As.
  3. Enter the name as    “CSAWLinkBtn.GIF”.

Other Links

Since many organizations are updating their web pages which means changing their addresses (URLs), some of these links may not be current. If you find a link that is not current, please advise us so we can update our page:

Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs – WASPC

Washington State Crime Prevention Association (WSCP)

Washington State Council of Police Officers

Washington State Law Enforcement Association

Washington State Patrol

Fraternal Order of Police

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